Road to Primordial Origins

The land of the free Dacians and their immortal traditions.
Maramureș Road is simply the road of Ancestral Traditions. 

Spiritual Journey

The Road of Maramureș is each and everyone of us`s road. Choose to take your steps on this road of over 500 km and you will find yourself, you will feel a rebirth, a purification of the soul, and maybe the beginning of a new cycle of life.


Discover the land of the immortals

The Road of Maramureș is not just a simple path, but it is a touristic “rural highway” that connects and develops communities. Explore fairytale landscapes, ancient villages, wooden churches, handcrafts and thousands of years of traditions, people with great souls and untold stories waiting to be discovered. Listen to your heart and set off on the journey of your life!

Your name carved in stone

Your legacy, the endurance of the things you leave behind – What can be more durable than a stone? Every kilometer of the over 500 can be marked with a natural stone marker, with your name carved on it. Stone by stone, together we will bring back to life the history of this fairytale land. It is the backbone of Maramureș and the chance of the Land of Ancient Traditions to remain preserved for future generations.

An unforgettable experience

It doesn't compare to anything you've seen before.
The Road of Maramureș is the center of the primordial unity of all the people.
From the toil of the people, here nature has been kept righteous, and their stories have enriched history with traditions, joy and color.

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Discover what`s new on the Road of Maramures


Rogoz church – UNESCO world heritage site

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Desesti church – UNESCO world heritage site

The church is built in 1770, from thick oak beams, square in shape, placed on…

Plopis church – UNESCO world heritage site

Built in 1798, it is one of eight buildings that make up the wooden churches of…

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The road of Maramureș will build an entire ecosystem, which will have in the center the families of the locals, their craftsmanship, local cuisine, which they share so dearly to the hikers. You can’t find the hospitality of the people from Maramureș anywhere.