Our story

About the road in the land of traditions

The Road of Maramureș is Your Road. Choose to take your steps on this road of over 500 km, and you will find yourself, the real one. Explore fairytale landscapes, ancient villages, wooden churches, folk crafts and thousands of years of traditions.

The road to

Starting from the passion for the places of soul in the Land of Traditions, the Road of Maramureș weaves on its path, incredible landscapes, ancestral traditions, adventure, relaxation, tourist attractions, people with great souls and untold stories.

It is a path of self-discovery, but above all, it is the last legacy you can leave to those who will follow you. It is the backbone of Maramureș, to whose steadfastness you can contribute.

The Road to the


Over 500 km will connect the land in length and breadth to achieve the great objectives of Maramureș.

From the toil of the people, here nature has been kept righteous, and their stories have enriched history with traditions, joy and color. With your help, we aim to unite them all, in an arranged tourist route, which will facilitate the economic development of all the villages that the Maramureș Road will cross.

That you will take it on foot, or by bike, I thought of it as an easy route, but full of stories, legends, characters and places that take your breath away.

Your name carved in

I mentioned at the beginning of the legacy, of the permanence of the things we leave behind, what can be more durable than a stone? Each kilometer of the 500 can be marked with a natural stone terminal, with your name embedded in it, if you decide to contribute to the project.

Stone by stone, we will bring back to life the history of this fairytale land.

But it is not just about us, the Maramureș Road will build an entire ecosystem, which will have in the center the families of the locals, their crafts, their dishes, which they share so dearly to the hikers; together we manage to rebuild Maramureș from the story.